5 Health Problems Men Face in Their 40s

Written By:  Guest Author Peter Minkoff.

Health Problems Men Face in Their 40s

While it is still quite early to speak about old age at 40, this is when most people’s bodies steadily embark on a downward spiral. Even though men are still in their prime during this period, this is where first serious health issues start to take place. Sure, most of these problems may not be clearly visible, but this doesn’t make them any less serious or dangerous. So, without further ado, here are some health problems that men start experiencing as soon as they get past that 40 threshold.
      1. Heart Diseases
According to 2015 statistics, heart diseases alone amount for 17.3 million deaths every year. Seeing how annual death toll amounts to somewhere around 55.3 million, we can see that this is roughly a third of all deaths in the world. Now, even though men after 40 may not feel any changes in their cardiovascular system, this hazard definitely becomes something to look out for. So, if by any chance you experience chest discomfort, pain that spread to the arm or suddenly start feeling light-headed, it might be for the best to talk to a physician.
     2. Colon
Even though problems with one’s bowels may not seem as serious as the aforementioned heart issues, colon problems are not something to be taken lightly. Years of excessive eating, drinking and otherwise lavish lifestyle take their toll and by the time you reach 40, you can start experiencing first problems on this front. So, in case of extreme pain in the area, you might need immediate medical care.
     3. Skin Problems
To a lot of men, skin issues are the last thing on their mind, but this shouldn’t be so. With age, your skin will start losing its elasticity and you may start getting sun spots or even cherry angiomas. This especially goes for men who train a lot or work physically demanding jobs. The only way to deal with this is to give your skin some room to recuperate. One of the methods is purchasing an athlete’s soak, which you can pour into your bath and therefore rejuvenate your skin while relaxing in a tub.
     4. Bone Issues
For both men and women, the age of 30 represents an important threshold. From this moment on, your bones start losing their density, which further leads to an array of uncomfortable problems. By the time you reach 40, the first clear symptoms of this may become visible. While there is no way to reverse this process, leading a healthy lifestyle, eating calcium and vitamin D rich food and exercising a lot during your youth can help you out quite a bit. Unfortunately, those who slacked during their 20s are much more likely to develop osteoporosis.
     5. Dental Problems
Finally, seeing how your entire skeleton will encounter some difficulties, it isn’t surprising that its only visible part (your teeth) will undergo a rough transition as well. Now more than ever, it will be your duty to take care of your dental hygiene, which means not only brushing your teeth a few times a day but flossing as well. Furthermore, it also might be the right time to start seeing your dentist more often. If you have any issues with your teeth, it is vital that you fix them as soon as possible. This especially goes for a simple procedures called gingivitis treatment.
For every year after 40, there is an increased chance that one or all of the aforementioned issues will start pestering you. While some of them may be caused by your previous lifestyle choices, there is still much you can do. Practically, this consists of exercising, eating healthy as well as taking care of your hygiene. After doing this, you can trust your body with all the rest. Still, this requires you to get at least some of these warnings and we hope this short list helped at least a bit.

Peter is a men’s grooming writer at The Beard Mag magazine from UK. Beside writing he worked as a grooming consultant for many events in UK and AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.


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