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I’m Leslie Scott. My husband, Peter, a lifelong farmer, challenged me to get creative, and think of a way to save our 1850s barn.  Our grand lady is perched gracefully at the top of a hill, and one can see her from miles away. She is a landmark in our community.

Here’s the problem; farmers can’t produce enough income to save these glorious reminders of our agricultural heritage. They are fast being replaced with industrial looking utility buildings. And where’s the romance and imagination in that? What do you want your country drive to look like?

I put on an apron, rolled up my sleeves, and began making bath and beauty products in my kitchen. I used only the finest, sustainable ingredients. To stand out in a crowded market, I created labels that targeted emotional occasions for women, and archetypes for men. The perfect unique gifts for hard-to-buy-for people. Not just fun to give and to get, but fabulously useful. I filled up my pick up truck, and hit the road, cold-calling on retail stores. Two years and fifty products later, we were on Dragons’ Den! How cool is that? Thanks for stopping by to learn about our little farm company. For the best in men’s and women’s gifts,  shop the farm!

It's Fall Y'all

Pumpkin Spice Time!

Taming the Beard Beast: Ingredients Matter

We’ve all been there, groggily waking up, stumbling to the bathroom, throwing on the hot water and while you’re waiting for the water to heat up you notice something. Your beard looks the same day in and day out. You’ve accepted this because it’s easy. You’ve accepted this because there’s nothing else to do. Shampooing…read more

Award Winning Beard Wash

Walton Wood Farm is happy to announce our Gentleman Beard Wash is featured in the January 2017 issue of Nation-Alist Magazine. We were awarded the “Best of Grooming Award” for the Beard Soap category, and we couldn’t be happier that they selected our product to be recognized above of all the wonderful beard products available…read more

Create a Spa in your Bathroom

Do you ever wish you had a spa in your house?  Ever wanted to create a spa in your bathroom? Skip the local joint with their highfalutin price tag, rip off the clothes and head straight for your bathroom.  Just add some Walton Wood Farm products, and create your own little secret hide-away. Perhaps the…read more

Best Stocking Stuffers For 2016

The holidays are fast approaching, you know what that means for most of us; stressful Christmas shopping!  Not this year though.  Get the best stocking stuffers for 2016, as well as other great gifts, here at Walton Wood Farm. Big items, small items, and of course, the much sought after; stocking stuffer.  It can be…read more

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